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Map meta suggestion for pof

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This idea is credited to bOTEB.1573 in this thread https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/168604#Comment_168604

I think its a really good idea and deserves its own thread to discuss. However unfortunately the original suggestion was abit overambitious and the discussion was derailed because of that, so ive trimmed it into something more realistic.

How it works:-everytime a bounty is killed, progress is made on a map wide, orange event bar (similar to silverwastes)-once this bar is filled all 3 legendary bounties spawn simultaneously-the legendaries will be bigger, have more damage and more buffs-all 3 bounties must be killed within 10minutes to complete the meta(legendary bounties can be killed normally in their unbuffed forms during the bar progression stage, so no progression blocking)(elon riverlands could possible have the doppleganger as the 3rd legendary)

Why I think this idea would be good for pof:-requires map coordination and effort to kill all bounties in time similar to hot metas, allowing for much better rewards-makes legendary bounties actually feel legendary-doesnt block progress or lock people out of other areas of map-doesnt require much dev development as all the bosses, and fundamental mechanics are already there-keeps bounties as the main focus of group content on maps

Possible problemsDraws people away from other smaller map metas, which are already struggling for people.(could be reduced by having a long cooldown on the meta, or meta on a timer)

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