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Equipment prefix & suffice

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I'd assume it's because the first item has berserker stats and a sigil of force slotted into it whereas the second item just has the sigil.

But as IC mentioned, items that are just skins have nothing slotted into them because they aren't actually gear. In that case, you'd have no prefix or suffix, just the basic name of the thing.

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Both equipment has the same upgrade component but the other one has prefix and suffix while the rest body to toe have no prefix and suffix.

I also had the same prob with daggerDreamwalker dagger of force (prior cadelbog) and the other one is just dreamwalker (should be with accuracy)(prior zolja)

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Items have an internal flag that determines whether prefixes/suffixes are shown or not. Generally an item with a "named" skin will tend to only show its name ("Delusion") while a generic skin will tend to show the modifiers. But this isn't consistently applied. ("Ilex of Dreams")

If the item has been skinned, I believe there can be some interplay in the properties of the base item and skin, so you will see different results based on that.

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