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Renegade Energy Gain Bug

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Sometimes I randomly gain energy. See attached images (both are from the same situation, but it happens quite often)

The amount seems random as well, I remember gaining more on different occasions than the one filmed.

It is extremely annoying.

It happens relatively often on dwarf.

It happens extremely rarely on demon.

I have no way of reproducing it and I do not know what causes it.

I have only seen it in WvW. I have no idea if it happens on Core/Herald. I have no idea if other stances have the same bug.



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@Gambit.9501 said:I feel like Axe 4 is somehow related...? Based on the gifs, your energy only seems to spike up like that on the immediate moment when you hit Axe 4.

Perhaps, I think it might however be coincidence as I think I have seen it on other occasions.

I will try to upload more clips of it later

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