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No achievement points for crafting

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Today I noticed in my crafting tab that I had 413/500 Artificer, but in my achivement panel it said 0/500 Artificer. I went and crafted one piece to get one level and now the achivement panel said 414/500. I didn't get any achivement points, but I figured maybe I had got them long ago.

I wanted to test this further so I started levling Chef, which was at 0/500 in the achivement panel. Now I've leveled Chef to 150, which is says both in my crafting tab and achivement panel. But: I've not got any achievement points for it, and if I understand the Wiki correctly you should get 5 points every 50 level or so. I have not leveled these crafts earlier.

Anyone knows what up? Am I just missunderstanding the whole thing?


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For Artificer, you would have already finished the Artificer Achievement, and been working on Grandmaster Artificer which would only award Achievement Points when you reach 500.Same with Chef.
If it's the regular crafting Achievement, it will be x/400. If it's Grandmaster crafting Achievement, it will be x/500.
Sounds like you have leveled Chef on another character, as these achievements are account-wide.

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