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Returning. Servers are still unplayable


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Havnt stepped foot in wvw for a very long time (have been on tekken 7 and other games).

I dont care about balance patches. If anet terribly balances a class that is broken in wvw, at least I have the option to play that broken build or profession.

What makes the game UNPLAYABLE though is the state of the wvw server lag and skill delay. It's been so long, and we have had zero answer from Anet about when it will be fixed. I know that wvw alliances has been more than 3 years, but come on this is your servers obviously not working. I want my abilities to work when I press them, is that goo much to ask? Say something please, give us an answer so that we can make a decision on whether to keep playing or not.

The game design is amazing. But last night I got so angry because my abilities just take 15 seconds to work.

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