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GH - NA Raids (static)

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Hello! Grindhouse Gaming [GH] is looking for fun, HUMOROUS, active players to join our static nights. At this time we are looking for 2 people to join us.


-Have a great sense of humor. As we are a 17+ guild, there is a LOT of adult humour thrown around.

-Be able to join us on Monday's and Tuesdays from 8:30pm EST to no later than 2am EST.

-Know all of the mechanics for wings 1-7.

-Use discord and have a working mic.

-Be able to play at least one support and power/condition dps class.

-Rep up when you run with us.

-Most importantly, know the "Seagulls! (Stop it now)" song ;)

If you would like to try out for our group, pm me IN GAME - spellslinger leah.8905

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