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Great thoughts, dont want them lost!


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Ok, I am copying this from the old forums so it doesn't get "lost" and kudos to Kidel.2057 for posted the original!If this violates some rule please delete.

"Bullet points, self explanatory. This is a recap from all the other threads.Renegade:

  • remove energy cost from f-skills. They mess up rotations on core legends.
  • remove cd from utility skills. Obviously.
  • stun break moved from healing to a random utility.
  • make summons less vulnerable and give them stability.Optional:
  • ranged greatsword instead of shortbow (same skills but Kalla had a greatsword).Herald:
  • underwater Glint
  • Shield-4 now also heals 1 condition
  • Some healing is moved from Shield-4 to Shield-5Core Revenant:
  • underwater Jalis
  • restore the skills that were nerfed because of PvP, just make a PvP and a PvE version. Most of the huge nerfs to sword and shield were made because of PvP.
  • Cleansing Channel buffed to 2 conditions.
  • Trait on Mallyx that transfers 1 condition if Resistance is ripped. Should scale to more conditions depending on the duration that was ripped.
  • Remove quickness from Impossible Odds and just make it like in GW1, with a flat multiplier (so from 10% to 20% but no quickness). Otherwise Jalis will always deal more damage than Shiro in all party content even if Shiro is supposed to be the dps legend.Optional and likely never going to happen:
  • remove or lower energy cost on weapon skills so that we don’t rely on AA.Please help this thread reach the Devs.Thank you."

And there we go, a week to go so if any of it is going to happen its a done deal by now so all we can do is hope and wait. ;)

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