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We need a time of the month where we can raid pve players in a pve rich environment

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As soon as they implement player ganking on pve maps is the day I uninstall the game. If you want that sort of ego booster go play Albion online or dark souls. Now if your meaning, have a zone specifically dedicated to pking....wouldn't that be pvp....which we already have? Oh, my bad, I missed the, "Have 3x reward". So in other words you want to pvp while still getting pve rewards? Only 3x the amount than what a normal pve player spends his/her time grinding?You know what, I'd say sure, sounds great....as long as anet gives us pve people the ability to walk into your pvp matches and get a few snipes in before popping back out and of course WE want 3x the rewards you would get for title tracks in normal pvp.

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I gotta go no. I've done my time in games on PVP maps. And I gave that up when I couldn't turn in a quest because asshats were camping the spot and killing the NPC's and everyone else immediately on respawn. However, if this does happen, I will happily watch my husband kill people as a PVE person. He is very good. I am not. I will stand behind him and giggle. I have no desire to be ganked for trying to play a portion of the game I usually enjoy.

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