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Lost and need a home? Join Order of The Silver Jaguar Today!

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[EU] The Order of the Silver Jaguar [OTSJ] is a fairly new guild full of casual, friendly players. We are looking a range of players: newbies, veterans... it does not matter, anyone can join! The Guild Hall we have claimed is Gilded Hollow (Lv4). We mainly work in PvE but want to move into all content as we grow. There is no representation required. Our current schedule is that we do guild missions every Sunday following (GMT+0).To sum everything up:

  • Looking for active players (veterans... new players...)
  • Guild Hall - Lv 4 Gilded Hollow
  • Weekly Guild Missions
  • Fractals, dungeons... etc planned following a schedule
  • No representation rules (Appreciated if you do!)
  • We are also looking for Recruiters, Event Leaders and such =DIf there is any interest join the server, meet some active members ! DM me for questions, an invite or mail us at nekori.8736 or desciator.3041. Hope to hear back soon!https://discord.gg/Sk4yJCZ
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