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WvW needs a quality of life update. It needs a random boss generator. It uses the same npcs (professions/races) since the game started. WvW is awesome but it is stale. To keep it fresh, I propose the following:

Structure Boss/GuardsThe default lord/guards is randomly generated. When claimed, you can select the lord's/guard's professions/skills (presets available) with more skills and options. Lets say you want a Rev as smc lord. You can select a preset for legends Kalla/Mallyx, Glint/Jalis, and ?/Shiro (? is for the new legend coming in xpac that will synch with Shiro maybe Vizu). Its guards will compliment the lords build. Maybe you want a mesmer as smc lord. Just select Domination, Chaos, or Illusions then the guards will complement it. You get the idea.

CampsJust like the lords/champs, the vet/guards gets a different profession. More upgrades that allow Vet Supervisor to be an elite, etc.

SiegeMine Field. This could be a keep improvement instead.Moat. Not likely this will happen but i still said it lol.*Add a new mobile Dreadnaught Golem Siege that hits walls as well as gates (maybe has a defiance bar). It can cast a reflector that reflects siege; yup, arrow carts that try to hit it can get hit back. Not too good against mines, airship, balista siege attack, and players. This is like a keep buster and expensive (cost 1100 supply). Can only have one at a time. It has a siege negater aura in enemy territory so you can't use other siege in a long range. Basically it is the only siege you can use if you use it.

Please offer suggestions. Maybe the devs will like some and implement them. For me, the rbg is top of my list. Thank you.

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@reddie.5861 said:but why? in generally most people dont care for lord or whatsoever it just randomly dies somewhere in the heat of fights (thats in perfect case) or the zone blob is so big that no raid or whatever can handle it anyway.

In the alpine BL or the EBG, the Lord's really don't factor in to a fight very much. Not true for Desert BL, which gives a small edge to the defenders. Even the Tower Lords in red BL ofter a bigger challenge than SMC Lord.

Against a group of 50 players, sure, it makes no difference. But try attacking Alpine Hills with 10 players and compare that to Fire Keep and see the difference in Lord makes, and how that favors defenders.

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@Strider Pj.2193 said:@Turkeyspit.3965 so change the lords to desert lords.


Tbh the tower lords go down to two of us.. In each BL. They aren’t hard.

The only lord I find that players I am with can’t two man is SMC.

I'd have no objection to that. And you're missing my point. It isn't about the individual difficulty of a Lord, but their impact on a fight when defenders are present. It's pretty easy to ignore the Lords in any garrison or alpine BG, and you can literally farm bags running in circles around the Legendary Lord in SMC, so long as you avoid / stab up his meteor shower. But ignore the lords in Fire Keep and Air Keep at your peril. Again not an issue for 50 players, but if you're running a group of 5-10 people, sure you can take down the Lord no problem so long as nobody is there to defend, but when you have to split your attention between the two, you then see a stark difference.

There is even a disparity amongst the 3 keeps in Red BL: Earth Lord is far less of a pain for attackers than Fire or Air, and his earth wall even gets in the way of defenders responding.

Defending the lords room on Red BL is much easier than on any of the BL or SMC is my point. Chalk up another for lolbalance.

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No one's asking for WvW to become PvE, but also it does need refreshing, and some degree of challenge and randomness. Even battles with players are predictable, because on the same terrain the same tactics are always used. A good example is siege placement, no matter what the siege will be placed more or less the same at every objective on every server on every tier, because of how stale it is.

Its not a war anymore, its just a highly optmised grind of repetition for bags and PPT. Like a big 50-man raid.

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Ah yes, finding ways to further ensure small group play has no chance of revitalization by introducing more gimmicks to make it more punishing to actually take objectives. God forbid a group of five or ten actually gets that far undetected. Now the 50man map queue can just wipe them that much easier.

Y'all wanna defend but are either not on map to respond fast enough from ktraining or are just outgunned by the attackers.

You know what would keep WvW fresh? Profession fixes and enabling build diversity. So that maybe people who play well individually are rewarded and we're not sitting around in mass quantities trying to stack as many boons as possible in a blob of all-sustain builds due to the emergence of the same stale metas over and over thanks to poorly-designed class abilities and traits.

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@Turkeyspit.3965 said:Against a group of 50 players, sure, it makes no difference. But try attacking Alpine Hills with 10 players and compare that to Fire Keep and see the difference in Lord makes, and how that favors defenders.

Air Lord if lucky traps players in his circle, which at that point is just up to the zerg to bomb the kitten out of them. Earth Lord can split the Zerg if not careful when at least 1 shrine is activated. Fire Lord is meh, maybe just constant fearing can be annoying, but she easy.

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@Strider Pj.2193 said:

@Aeolus.3615 said:What if:Guilds owning the strucutre would set up the type of lord just like they would setup tactivators?

Heh... Talk about a potential troll-fest....

[insert bad guild name] Claims keep because weird hours, selects the easiest possible Lord because Fashion....

:\ that's true, but was thinking if we had that with the alliance system :fearful:

@Bristingr.5034I love earth keep lord push in and out if enemy is there on taking or defending the keep situations.

Air keep lord is IMO way to easy to deal >_> way to easy, i would add some strong winds on that lord room, stability organized group :;P

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