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Hammer animations: Charr VS Asura


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I have a Charr Hammer Revenant and an Asura Scrapper and I love them both for different reasons.

I have noticed that some races have different weapon animations depending on the class. For instance my Charr Warrior swings a GS differently than a Charr Guardian.

In any case your best bet is to just create one of each and see which you like more. Finish the tutorial mission, hit LV 2, then port to the PvP lobby where you will be LV80 with all elites unlocked, and buy a white-quality weapon from the vendor and go smack the practice golems.

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Asuran animations for everything are legit just the best in the game. Because of their size, everything they do has so much more effort behind it. Even just running feels faster as an Asura than as any other race.

Scrapper hammer is no exception. The sheer effort you see behind each attack, like the hammer is so weighted at the end and they have to put their whole body behind it. And then running with the hammer slung on your shoulder, seeing that animation of heaving it up onto the shoulder as they start running is just the best. Plus the Rocket Boots animation is hilarious, just getting blasted through the air with their arms flailing about.

Go Asura, you won't be disappointed.

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