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Trickery trait is it just me or?


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Yes i know we are pretty much forced into this.

But look at Steal for example it doesnt make sense..Shadowstep to your foe and steal from them. <- steal what if u dont take trickery? shouldnt steal just be a boon rip passive without need of traits?Same with Preparedness +3 ini passive and kleptomaniac +2 ini on steal these 2 things should just be made passive on thief without need of this trait line.

the whole thief thing is so lame nowadays if u wannabe deadeye ur allowed to choose from 1 trait same with daredevil and core is pretty much all trick shadow DDTrickery should be completely revamped and the above should some how be added passive to a thief.in my eyes that would push thief into a better position without a real big bad boost if it would be done without saying anything i doubt many people (who dont play thief) notice anything.

anyway i just dont really understand the trickery line cus most things feel like its suppose to be passive on a thief (or really needed).

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