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bow build

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Depends a lot on what your goal is and what you want to play with the class.

Personally I would recommend to select the class based on if you enjoy the play style and or have a type of content you want to use that class in, in which case also take into account what elite specializations are available for that class.

Otherwise from a pure performance standpoint:

  • the DH build is not meta for fractals or instanced content and DH does not currently use LB in standard PvE challenging content (not of concern for open world or story where you can play w/e you like)
  • the condition druid build is a very specific raid encounter build and only niche for specific bosses. The upside here: the ranger has other condition builds on Soulbeast which would be meta. Condi builds are not run in fractals in general, so not an ideal pick there.

If all you want to do is have a bow in your class/build, I'd recommend ranger since both Longbow for power as well as Shortbow for condition builds see use and play.

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