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make warrior playable again


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@"Paradoxoglanis.1904" said:Dont worry, off hand sword is getting buffed. This will surely bring warrior back into the meta.

yeah "aggressive changes" lol. more might, and 1 more bleed... this will deff fix warrior. sarcasm ofc.

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it's fine tho, warrior has always been treated the same since 2012, i'm sure add cripple to off hand sword will make warrior meta again, after all"we are being a little aggressive with the changes, but we'll be watching to see if they become overbearing." /sarcasm.

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@"biff.7209" said:there is no roll that a warr plays that isn't heavily over shadowed by another class. he isnt even a "jack of all trades" either. hes just trash when compared to what other classes can do in all aspects.

Well if they havent done it since season 1 they will never do it.

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