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? How do you stand...

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@Ashantara.8731 said:Perhaps it has to do with low player model settings not displaying the stance correctly?

I think there is a bug where the mount doesn't always load properly and so it looks like the player is standing up on top of the mount instead of sitting down, so that could explain it. That could also explain why no one was able to say how to do it, the visual bug would be client-side, meaning one person would see it and someone else wouldn't. So the people the OP sees standing on their mount wouldn't know it's happening to them and wouldn't be able to say how it happened.

Whatever is causing it I'm pretty certain it's not something players can control. There's no button or anything to make your character stand up, and the animations they do on mounts are automated (and the same for everyone)

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I play gw2 on 2 different computers that I share with my family. One has lower graphics, but even then it struggles to load things in sometimes. The other has fantastic graphics and has absolutely no issue with that. The only time I've seen that is on the weaker computer. So like Danikat said, I suspect it's a visual bug.

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