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[EU] Static Looking for experienced raiders

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Heya!We are a few friends looking for more people to fill up a static. Experienced players only!Requirements:-Knowledgeable in all wings-90% of DPS benchmark-Multiclassing-Making time to raid with us for 2 evenings :3

Raid days: Yet to be decidedGoal: Smooth full-clearingUs: We are experienced players that have a broad knowledge (semi-hc/hc) and multiclass.Mindset: A positive mindset where people can improve, preferably where people speak their mind and give feedback to each other without being afraid to ask questions or learn a new class. Banter, fun and a little bit of trolling is definitely welcome!

Smooth is relative of course, we are at the skill level of being able to full clear in 3 hours. However, this is not what we expect at the start and don’t want to rush a certain clear time at the cost of fun. We are people that do many things together, so if you are looking for a fractal CM buddy, getting the strike strokes or need help with that one stupid AP, you’re welcome to ask or tune in. If you just want to full-clear that is okay too :)

Contact info:GW2: Towerofheaven.3208 or Kari.1068DC: https://discord.gg/s4GkPnw

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