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[PvE][RAIDS] Looking for raid clears/training guild!


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28y old finnish guy here!

Im looking for a raid clearing guild for W1-W4 and Raid training mostly for W5/W6. I mostly play late around 7:00PM CEST - 0:00AM.

Currently what i have/exp:

164LI (150 used for legendary armor)Full ascended warrior with condi/power gear(my main) <--- I raid mostly with itFull ascended Condi necro(Building a healing necro atm)Full ascended Condi firebrandFull ascended Healer renegadeFull ascended holosmith powerSome others tooBeen doing weekly W1-W4 clears so im really familiar with those wings

Have killed adina(w7) couple of times, Soulless horror/statues one time, so pretty much im not that exp with W5/W6/W7 yet.

Also im looking for a friendly group to learn those wings aswell and have fun. :) Guy with a good humour here!

I also have discord/mic ready

You can send mail/whisper me on the game: Nikkee.9026 Or just mail me here!



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