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[EU][PvX]Quaggans rule Krait stink [CoOo] a small social, casual gaming guild is recruiting!


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 Are you looking for a place surrounding friendly faces to get to know and perhaps... become friends with? Crazy I know! Then keep reading so I can convince you why CoOo might be just the place to call your new home!

So what is it like once you take the first step and get yourself involved with the weirdos like us? 
Well, CoOo has been around for over 3 years now and has developed rather a tight-knit “community” I would say. We hope you’ll become part of it too and ya know tag along with whatever shenanigans we get up to! We like to have fun here and make lasting memories! Be it just sitting in voice chat and talking about randomness as time goes by (very appropriate for the social guild I know) or actually playing the kitten game for once (really guilty of just ending up chatting instead😅)! And a lot of chaotic energy (the best way possible)!

Our current scheduled activities:

  • PvE guild missions on tuesdays 6PM/18:00 GMT0 aka server time
  • Fractal nights (trainings/T4 dailies/CMs whatever we have people for) on thursdays 6PM/18:00 GMT0 aka server time
  • Random shenanigans nights (party games, watch togethers etc)  on sundays 5PM/17:00 GMT0 aka server time
  • Planning to also have chill casual raid training days while having fun with it scheduled once we get more people who are interested! 

Guild info
Guild type: PvX, social, casual, other non-GW2 gaming-related stuff with a hint of chaotic energy.
Guild Hall: Isle of Reflection
Guild level: 24
Current member count: 17 (Plan to keep guild small, around 20-30 members)
Guild Mission type: PvE

Caught your interest or have questions before joining? Contact us via Discord! (won’t reply in comments of this post because I am too lazy to check it consistently)
Guild leader: amolitha_2999
Human Resources: randyster

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