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?️ "Chill" and the Defiance Bar, Question: ?️

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I think Chill is a pretty cool condition but I have some questions.

  1. Why are so many bosses (Fractal) bosses immune to it? Even the practice champion golem. That is, why is the chill condition icon always grey?
  2. Even though the condition icon is grey, am I still dealing defiance bar damage? It appears that I am, so although I am not actually applying the "chill effect" I am hitting the defiance bar. Are the two things separate or am I imagining things?


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According to the Wiki page on Chill, it does 33 points of break bar damage per second of chill application. No boss with a break bar is affected by any crowd control skill, including chill. Instead, they are stunned, knocked down, exposed or a variety of other possibilities if/when the bar is depleted.


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