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The new spellforged package

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etXNEVy.jpg Outfit - Glider - Backpack

Frankly, what is happening with putting shiny things or fog or light effects? The look is also disappointing and basic for a thing called Spellforged.The Backpack is great, It looks really nice and is unique. The glider, well I give it a meh, but same as backpack it's a new look.

But the outfit, I'm sure I already saw like 5+ heavy armor skins looking the same: Mistshard, requiem, the envoys.... plus the outfit in itself, take Ironclad: Kinda the same, without the lights.It is just a so basic looking armor, for a 700 gems outfit....https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/File:Requiem_armor_(heavy)_human_female_front.jpghttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/File:Ironclad_Outfit_asura_female_front.jpg

Or more closer: A kind of copy paste of the warlord armor.j6CcRk1.jpg

I don't get the rata sum background of the gemstore banner like it's a high-tech thing.

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I think maybe I could forgive the space marine pauldrons if it weren't for the 30 lens flares scattered across the outfit. I don't mind armors and outfits looking like casual clothes or practical armor so long as the design is solid. This was close, but I'm not sure it's 700 gems close.

It doesn't always have to be shiny.

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I'm afraid my charrs wouldn't fit through most doors... Arguably I may be tempted, but the head looks disproportionally too small compared to the absolute monsters of shoulderpads. Which paradoxally are very airy. I wish the helm was more elaborate, or somehow larger on charrs, to fit the shoulders... It's a nope for me, looks waaaaaaaay off. Shine's also overkill. Shame though, concept wasn't too bad.

When can we get some Average looking outfits that one can wear in a city without looking like an alien ? I'd like something relaxing to wear, some leisure outfit. Bet it'd please the RP crowd as well.

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It's been years since I've bought gems simply cuz they keep adding awful things like this all the time. Who exactly is there target audience? Warcraft players? They'll never leave Warcraft nomatter how hard you try so why bother? Target GW1 players. Give me GW1 Assassin armor.

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