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Engineer Bugs

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Currently playing scrapper in WvW. Seems there is a bug involving the following heal skill and traits:

  • A.E.D.
  • Gadgeteer (Grandmaster trait in Tools)
  • Speed of Synergy (Minor trait in Scrapper)Heal skill not presented with the included buff of superspeed upon using the skill, nor does the AOE of superspeed applied around player at time of use. F1 tool belt skill does give the self-superspeed buff as intended (so long as target is selected). When you deselect the Gadgeteer trait, it does give the user it's superspeed through the Speed of Synergy trait and applies it at skill activation, not at skill use which is heal and remove condis on hit that would down the player.

Update: Also found a bug involving Magnetic Shield and the secondary skill Magnetic Inversion. Skill typically has a 25 second CD, but can have a 3 second CD if you Magnetic Inversion while the Magnetic Shield is stilll casting. If you let Magnetic Shield run its channeled course, it will give you the intended cooldown time of 25 seconds. I've tried both of these ways while in combat and out of combat, currently get the same result. The trait Over Shield does not affect either of these results.

That is all for now :)

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Only the medkit heal is a "true" tool F1 heal and it does have the skill info. You get 12s of superspeed (7s self + 5s AoE) because it stacks. Yes, that's close to permasuperspeed with zephyrite and tools traited using just one skill, missing 0.5s or so hehe.

Streamlined kits overwrite it without stacking though so cant use that combination. Guessing all other speed overwrite it.

The sheild bug is fantastic though, so much fun in WvW lol. I'm surprised it hasnt been hotfixed already. Once good power holos realize it's there... ho boy. This is gonna be a hoot to watch. It's 4s effective cd btw, not 3.

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