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So my deadeye

Quaggan Kicker.7908

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Mostly pve and pvp.. I am deadeye with acrobatics and trickery and of course deadeye. Using rifle and sword/pistolPvE is easy. . pvp I am struggling some.. Not horrible, but question my investment in sword main hand. should I got dagger/pistol or dagger/dagger

Also I went acrobatics for speed on dodge and healing on initiative. Good plan?I think trickery is a must for all steal (malice) buffs because I am using that non stop

Any recommendations?

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You can get movement speed from Meld with Shadows and ?-2-1 SA should feel more consistent than Assassins Reward but also more bursty if all the right stuff goes off at the right time and vs crowds is almost better. Use all the kits when you find some action that will be good for sparring but sword main hand isn't a bad choice but there's no reason for it unless you use all of the skills on that kit, otherwise I'd just build to port and burst with Malicious BS or something.

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