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Let’s start fixing up Heal Support, and rework Druid, before the next round of nerfs!


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  • Tablet becomes a “backpack” and all skills are centered around the Revenant.


  • Warhorn water skills move fast and travel 900 range.



  • Staff 1- Add 1 burning condition to the 3rd attack tick. Remove the healing function because it’s almost useless.

  • Staff 2- Rework to be an astral wisp that detonates on impact. 3 targets for direct damage and 3 allies for healing. 240 radius.

  • Staff 3- Add a short duration burning condition trail and burning condition aoe burst around the user at the end of the skill movement. 3 targets for aoe burst damage and 3 allies for healing. 240 radius.

  • Staff 4- Rename to “Astral Seed”, or something... Make it an aoe patch that looks similar to a Seed of Life. Remove the immobilized effect and add burning instead. 3 targets. 240 radius. Same movement condition removal on allies.

  • Staff 5- Make this skill an aoe dome. 240 radius.


  • CA Form- Provides natural stability to the Druid and pulses stability to 5 allies within a 240 radius.

  • AF Mechanics- Make CA a stance that is maintained until downed, killed or manually exited. Once downed, killed or exited, you have to build up Astral Force again to activate and reenter CA form.


  • CA 1- Make this skill similar to the old Guardian staff 1. Wide 900 range “astral” cone attack (with effects like the attacks from those bloodstone fen spirits at the Justicar) that hit 5 enemies and heals up to 5 allies within the effect. Does NOT heal the caster, only allies.

  • CA 2- Remove the reticle aiming function and make it a point blank aoe. 360 radius. 5 targets PLUS the caster.

  • CA 3- Remove the reticle aiming function and make it a point blank aoe with the same 360 radius. 5 Allies healing MINUS the caster. 5 enemy target daze.

  • CA 4- 360 radius. 5 Allies healed PLUS the caster.

  • CA 5- Remove the root so players are not sitting ducks. Add a 5 player, MINUS the Druid, healing component that coincides with the pulses and final damage. 360 radius.


  • Rename Lingering Light to “Astral Conduit”. Rework the trait to allow the Druid to equally generate Astral Force while wielding any weapon.


  • Have these pop instantly and have their radius increased to 240. 5 targets as normal.

Thank you for reading these awesome recommendations!!!

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Druid cannot be buffed until ancient seeds is removed from the game, primal echoes no longer dazes, celestial shadow no longer grants stealth and Jacaranda(sp) pet no longer has an entangle.

Warhorn buffs don't matter since ele has to fully trait and equip every form of condi removal and survival it can get to survive anything to be able to support at all.

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