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Events: DragonBash vs FourWinds

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Four winds. The beauty of labyrinthine cliffs, the events with the flame effigy, treasure hunt, boss rumble in the gauntlet..... Easier to get a good load of festival currencies: favors and tokens whereas you struggle for the entire festival to get some jorebreaker and to buy everything sold by the weekly vendor during dragon bash.

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@Roche.7491 said:

@Cynder.2509 said:Why not both?

Because time is limited on some people

@Randulf.7614 said:No idea about GPH - the idea of farming a festival for money is alien to me,

It’s technically farming gems:Event items to goldGold to gemsGems to skins, storages, passes, slots, tabs, etc

It’s an extension of farming gold through dailes like fractal.

I'm confused. Are you saying you don't have time to play during each of the festivals? You can only play one month or the other?

It's not like they happen at the same time.

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