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I can't get into the game, I don't have any addons

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Same for me, on both my accounts. I get to the character selection screen, try loading a character, then the game crashes and sends an error report to Anet. I guess while applying todays patch (from 08.08.2020) something went wrong when updating the dat-file (the huge one in the GW2 install folder where all the game assets are stored). I deleted it and am re-downloading it right now. Don't know if that will fix anything though. It's massive (52 GB), so I don't recommend that procedure for people with slow internet.I'll keep you updated if that helped.

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Make sure to delete the d3d9.dll in the bin64 folder of your games directory if you use Arc Dps addon and then relaunch. This should fix it. (This is the fix for the not even making it to the char selection screen due to the addon)

No need to delete and fully reinstall the game either as you can do a -repair instead (disable your antivirus and security software). Procedure should be on the support page somewhere. Maybe there is some file that got corrupted and this should fix that issue.

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