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wells and the nerf bat


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So a grand master trait is supposed to change your game playa trait for a skill category encouraged you to play with that skill type and it gave you a lot of benefitsthey took out the wells trait trait, so we lost all it gave :life siphonsmall healprotectionCD reductionthen they gave us CD reduction baseline, which was nice but still no well trait at all.and in 1 day the CD reduction got reverted and nothing to make up for it.yes well of darkness does damage and chills, but the chill doesn't stack with chilling darkness.

no CD reduction trait, no life steal trait, and a loss of protection FOR OTHER PEOPLE!this was one of the few traits i loved running as support necro because it ment aoe protection for my allies and now thats gone. 1 more thing we can't help others with

I'm upset.

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