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Spelunking - A Cave Diving Adventure (Beetle Track)


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I first got the name idea and then designed the track. I've been trying to create a new track each month in our [RAWR] guildhall this year. It is a pretty big undertaking, but luckily I enjoy building things. :) Since Gilded Hollow is a cave guildhall I wanted to find new places to dive through the hall, places i haven't been or new paths to ride. Some things have peaked my interest for future tracks ideas with the beetle like skipping stones over the water (@ the end around 4:54) and finding new crevasses to roll through (@ 1:45 ) is always fun! Last week I tore down our "Dragon Bash Skate Park" and have been working on this one trying to perfect it and make it a little easier for our guildies. The more you practice, the better you'll get!

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