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American 30's female filthy casual newbie looking for a guild


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I haven't been playing GW2 long, but I've played WOW and LOTRO for many years. I'm generally a soloist, but I have ran through dungeons and raids in other games. In my WOW guild, I used to raid twice a week and would do Mythic+ dungeons on the weekend. But really, they were drunken fun runs with guildies who didn't care about my rotations or the many times I got rekt by mechanics. There was even a drinking game in my honor at one point. Every time I died, the guild took a shot. No one was sober by the end. Although in WOW, I can say I did improve with time. I stopped raiding when some new folks took it way too seriously, and it was no longer fun.

I prefer a stress-free, drama-free, judgment-free, relaxed community comprised of mostly adults. Friendship matters more to me than achievements. If I do group content, I think of it as a way to bond with my guildmates and learn from the uber players who have everything down to a science and can explain it to me like I'm a skritt. If I get shinies, that's great too.

I have 2 boosted level 80's - one warrior and one guardian. My main character is the Solo Firebrand Norn. Most of my time thus far has been spent going back through beginning content, collecting hero points, completing maps, working on my story quests, and getting to know my class.

Discord/Mic enabled. If I would be a good fit for your guild, let me know!

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Hi Skritt, I provide shinies and more!I honestly think we'll be a nice fit for you, speaking in term of being casual, drunken events, and having a harem of female friends to play with.I love your description and everything about the "eco-friendly" environment you want in.I'll just leave a link to our guild introduction and hopefully it'll be somewhat enough to give you an idea about us as well.If you have any other questions regarding the guild, please feel free to poke me =]https://www.reddit.com/r/guildrecruitment/comments/hgmkv9/napvxsoschillaxcasualnew_player_friendlyintense/

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