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Enemy in Hoelbrak

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I was in Hoelbrak when I got a phone call from someone I hadn't heard from in forever so I talked to them for a bit while my toon just stood there in game. After several minutes, an enemy called a "Carbonclaw" ran past me. It looked like a mini Ley-Line Anomaly, but had a red name and had the purple legendary ring around it's target bubble. I didn't get a screenshot of the creature itself, but I did screenshot the combat log seconds after I killed it.gw036.png?width=996&height=560

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@Naxos.2503 said:Are these events still active at all even ? I've done countless bloodstone incursion fighting, and never seen a single rift

The events are now hidden, you have to stand on top of wherever they might be and activate them. Its part luck.

@"frareanselm.1925" said:It was suposed to be a "SAFE" zone...Players who are transformed can't attack you, you can only attack them.

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