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Boon rips for Fractal guardian?


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When you play Guardian, "ripping boons" is not usually in your wheelhouse. But it comes in handy a fair bit in certain Fractals, and with the small team size and the fact that PUGs tend to do better when you're not demanding other people play an unfamiliar build/gear set, it's sometimes better to just take on an unusual role yourself than to try to get a "specialist" for it.

That got me thinking… could a Quickbrand/Healbrand fill the boon-rip role acceptably using Sigil of Absorption? It's mostly a matter of interrupt access, and you've got:

  • Axe: #3 skill pull (12 sec), also the #2 skill daze IF TRAITED (8 sec)
  • Shield: #5 skill bubble (24 sec)
  • Tome of Justice: #3 skill pull (5.5 sec traited); 30 sec Tome cooldown but QB can reset it t on adds and trash mobs as well
  • Tome of Courage: #2 skill taunt (2.75 sec traited); 75 sec Tome cooldown
  • Bane Signet (30 sec, 24 sec with the signet-share trait)

That seems like a decent amount of ways to proc the sigil without overly modifying your build, actually, for a pretty low opportunity cost? Intuitively I still feel like spammability means Banish Enchantments is stronger, but the way these skills are spaced out means there isn't a 10-second "dead time" when Rev switches to their other legend.

Has anyone tried something like this in play?

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You coud, but it's a bit annoying IMO to gear with a sigil only for some instabilities. And if I remember some tests on my mesmer the sigil should only work on bosses when defiance bar is up.Otherwise you have Renegade with Mallyx, you have chrono with fantasm and others, Reaper with GS and focus, holo with the mines, SpB, thief with Trickery, herald with assassin's form of the f2... etc I may forget some skills.If your group can't change one utility skill or trait to remove boons, they don't deserve you to take a sigil.

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@ArchonWing.9480 said:It's not a bad idea for backup if you have no pain no gain, but it really shouldn't be the norm. The other problem is that some bosses don't have a defiance bar to break during some parts (eg, most of Siren's Reef)

Yeah, I tested it out (out of necessity) and it felt really inconsistent. Waaaaay worse than my previous experience with Sigil of Absorption on other classes. Lesson learned, I guess.


@otto.5684 said:We do need every class to do everything. Guardian Already offers much In PvE. It does not need boon rip. Also, did you consider the impact on PvP?

Lol, this is entirely a thread about whether a specific tactic is viable under the current mechanics. Guess folks on the forum are so used to shooting down half-baked balance whines that they don't even read the thread anymore.

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