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Item - Parables of the Gods

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Item looks bugged - all pages for Grenth are added under Page One entry:

Parables of the GodsSome pages appear to be missing from this book.

A Parable of GrenthPage OnePut it away.

To read next pages for Grenth you can only use Read on... after opening Page One, next pages are not listed separately.

I completed Master Storyteller achievement and opened still looks like this.

Other parables are ok.

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Next I started Storyteller: Abaddon and I see that collected pages for Abaddon are added both inside: A Parable of Abaddon and inside A Parable of Grenth starting from Page Two.

A Parable of Grenth has only Page One for Grenth.From Page Two inside Grenth there are duplicated pages for Abaddon.

So those entries are mixed.

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