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Solo melee class for PVE


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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if there were any suggestions for a solo melee class to finish the game. I'm pretty new to the game and don't have any of the expansions. I was curious about the chronomancer(?) mesmer, but I think that requires the newest expansion if I'm not mistaken. Thanks for your time.

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@Tayga.3192 said:

@otto.5684 said:I think best solo core is warrior. Axe/axe does ton of damage and has good survivability. However, you can literally play melee core everything but elementalist and do well. And engi, cuz they have no core melee weapons.

Melee core ele is also fine, no? Though very hard to play

Dagger I assume? It is playable. I play Condi weaver with dagger. On core though, it really lacks damage.

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