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New Game modes, new content, Devs please read.


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Hi Devs, and people, I have been discussing this issue for a while with people and my guild and we come to realization that we need more pvp content! We need new maps, and new modes! Maybe a battleground which is based on pvp not like WvW. Conquest is nice don’t get me wrong, but for example in ranked, teams aren’t always fair. Sometimes teams are unbalanced, sometimes you lose because the other team has a thief or better mobility, sometimes you lose because you have an afk/bot (which happens a lot) and overall it creates frustration! Now how this can be fixed. If you add different modes such as Deathmatch but maybe without downed state, if someone dies that’s it, (no resurrection) that way even if you play 1v3 and you know what you doing, you are able to beat all of them. If its 3v1 and you kill one player, one of the other players will res him back up so your effort then becomes pointless. (You could make that optional before the game starts and see how it goes). Another thing is that maybe the punishments for afk/botting/ game manipulating should be more rough that way we mitigate the issue.?How about the option of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or even 15v15 vs a boss pvp battle. If you add the option of 3v3 for example, people can organize parties with friends and play ranked without having to play with bots or afkers.(New Maps) I see a lot of people utilizing the public pvp arena in the mist. How about creating a whole map like a battleground so we can enjoy a bigger map like all the other modes (Pve, Wvw). Please don’t compare a battleground to Wvw because Wvw is mostly 100vs100vs100. Here im talking about smaller squads, or even 1v1 and maybe have different objectives or missions in those maps. I personally think that Gw2 is a great game but we need more pvp content! Pve content gets updated and freshed up all the time, where in pvp we stuck with the same few maps that we have to be frustrated about. Make pvp fun! Thanks for taking the time and reading my post.

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