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Game freezes before loading, after login entry accepted

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I haven't changed anything, but now, after I login and click the button to play, the startup window goes white and never goes fullscreen. The application stops responding and has to be forced down. I have restarted my computer. I am on OS X, but spoke to somebody on a PC who is having the same issue. I also spoke to somebody on PC who is able to log in. Does anybody know what's going on or what I can do?

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I will try removing that file if I can.... os x so hopefully it's the same. I was able to initially resolve the issue by letting most then all of the game download far past playable. However, now it does not work again. I tried repair. The folder location was incorrect but I was able to get past that and run the repair. The repair crashed, giving me an actual crash message just like the one I get all the time in the Crystal Desert, around forged monsters, and apparently also at the end of one of the Joko chapters (can't open the game to quote the exact name).

Anybody else have any advice or thoughts or experience with this? I double checked and my computer is still up to specs. It's low on space but it has enough, it's over 50GB free.

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