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Staff Druid - WvW


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Hello Rangers,

I recently picked up my druid in WvW (DPS Staff + LB) and it still does fairly well (surprisingly). It has its obv counter builds and noticed LB damage isn't as much.

Today I came across another DPS druid higher rank than I (which excited me) and they ran staff as well. They camped staff the whole fight and with that and condi cleanses to remove my immobs from ancient seeds and Entangle) and whooped me a few times. Just the staff (weak wep). I tried block/add to whisper to gf them and see if I can get their build, however they were appearing offline.

Only thing I noticed were they didn't run food, they had Clarion Bond and that trait thatbgives you Opening Strike. No other indicators on what they were running.

So I ask you druids, what the heck could they have been running that they were able to beat me easy with just the staff (I'm assuming they were running wilderness survival for the condi clears grandmaster on survival skills as I couldn't lock them down for more than 1 second. It was nuts.

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