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Do you get spirit shards when you have no masteries active?

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Just want to see if I am assuming things right, so I still have mastery's to complete in HoT etc. but if I don't unlock something but still getting exp, when the cap hits do I still get a shard?

Notice it a few times in the middle of an event, a little white light glows out of your character and you get a shard.

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Any time you are not actively gaining Mastery Experience towards a mastery, you will be earning experience towards Spirit Shards.

This can be, if you've unlocked all masteries for a particular area (Such as HoT), or if you have filled out your currently chosen mastery's experience pool and have yet to pick another or unlock the next level (For example, if you don't have enough Mastery Points to unlock something)

The only caveat is, with a case where you have a full experience mastery active, you will not be able to see a progress bar for your experience, as you'll just have the full bar from the mastery.

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