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Stuck on Zhaitaffy - What to Do With It?

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Filled a bank tab with Zhaitaffy... now what? Any suggestions how to "get something" out of it?


This is 7500 Zhaitaffy. At the current price, I could make around 42 gold by instant-trade on the TP.

I could trade it in for 7 Jorbreakers (with some taffy left over), but there really isn't anything available at the Jorbreaker merchants that I want/need. (I'd consider putting some towards a Hologram Projector for my Guild Hall, but my guildmates migrated away from the game before I could secure the Hall that I paid 100 gold to start :/ ). Has anyone found a way to turn Jorbreakers into more gold than I would get just by selling the Zhaitaffy straight up?

Is there anything else interesting I can do with the stuff aside from cashing it in, or trading for Jorbreakers?

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You could either keep it and sell it at a nice profit when the price starts to rise again or convert it to Jorbreakers and do the same thing. It all depends on how much you value your warehouse space.

Alternatively, it is likely that ArenaNet will release a new piece of content to act as a Taffy/Jorbreaker sink next year so you may want to do either of the above for this reason instead.

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I just sold most of mine

Converting to Jorbreaker results in a lost of value.Jorbreaker 5.24g1000 Pieces of Zhaitaffy 6.9g

@Game of Bones.8975 said:Buy a Gobbler.Zhaitaffy Gobbler is an item that can be used to trade 25 Pieces of Zhaitaffy for a chance to receive a Dragon Coffer or a Festival Gobbler Boost that grants an additional 25% to experience from kills, gold from kills, and reward track gain in PvP and WvW.

Since the snowflake gobbler gives the same buff it is better to just wait for that instead.

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