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Main Hand Sword feels incredibly weak in pvp

Hot Boy.7138

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I've always used main hand sword in pvp since the game launched. I've always been sw/sw and sw/p, with the exception of HoT days when i used shield instead of pistol. But I always felt sword was a very strong weapon despite its limitations on being short ranged and having no access to cripple. But now, main hand sword feels like a liability. Sword 1 autos is supposed to be a strong cleave weapon, but it's weak as kitten now. It can't cut through barrier that is so frequently applied by so many other classes now. Sword 2 is more likely to get you killed because of the wide availability and sharing of retaliation, and frequency of its application. Sword 3 is sword 3. It hasn't changed and I honestly feel neutral about it. It has great utility, however it would be better if the animation could be sped up a little, from the moment the skill is used and when the swap is used, it feels slightly slow.

I'd really love to come back to this game and have a blast with my dual swords, but i'm having a really hard time doing so. I'm desperately trying to find some fun playing my favorite class, but everything I love about mesmer just keeps getting gutted.

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Axe is even worse with absolutely zero down body pressure compared to other condition melee builds like Rev Mace, Weaver Sword, Rev Axe.

Mirage axe does about 800 dps with it's auto attack chain with the above builds doing nearly 2x the DPS.

I actually forgot to test the damage per second on the sword auto attack chain's dps was post mega balance. Premega balance it was like 2000 dps on a berserker amulet, heavily weighted on the last hit on a target with zero boons. It's probably significantly less now, I'll test when I have time.

Mesmer in general has the weakest weapon skills in the game, intended to be supplemented with shatter damage to balance out. Power shatters still do solid damage on a reasonable cooldown, but condition shatters are limp af with a 25 second cooldown to boot.

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what do you expect, autos suck, sword 2 is just evade with no damage, and sword 3 is utility that doesnt work half the time and deals 1 point of damage.sword 4 is a aegis with 0,5s dodge that deals some dmg, and sword 5 is 1s cast time summon clone skill.sword ambush is the only good thing about sword.

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@Leonidrex.5649 said:what do you expect, autos suck, sword 2 is just evade with no damage, and sword 3 is utility that doesnt work half the time and deals 1 point of damage.sword 4 is a aegis with 0,5s dodge that deals some dmg, and sword 5 is 1s cast time summon clone skill.sword ambush is the only good thing about sword.

I actually like the block on sword. But I have to agree with you. I think the only reason i'm still holding onto sword is because of the ambush skill. And even that is half as good now since the mirage dodge was gutted in pvp.

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Mesmer Swords are kinda in a bad spot.

They're excellent for PvE due to Fencer's Finesse for free 150 Ferocity on top of their crit damage multipliers as well as Phantasmal Swordsman doing good damage vs static targets (1.7 coefficient, which gets doubled to 3.4 when you factor in Chronophantasma)

In PvP though...

Auto attacks only do damage vs boonless targets, but the powercreep of the game has lead to everyone and their cat farting out boons left, right and centre. So you're basically never going to fully strip someone of boons outside of Winds of Disenchantment (But WoD bombing is about AoEing blobs to which auto attacking with sword is going to be a minor effect compared to everyone dropping their AoE's...)

Blurred Frenzy doesn't do that much damage because of the evade it provides. But the defensive properties have waned due to aforementioned boonspam making Retaliation more prominent as well as you being a static target (So easy to blow up when the skill ends, as well as further limiting its damage because people can just walk away from you) and also the meta shift towards Conditions that can mean you're still dying even if you're evading current attacks.

Illusionary Leap is kind of slow (It needs at the very least, the same treatment that Sword 5 got in the patch, with the clone spawning at your target) and it also does 0 damage in all modes. Like actually a 0.003 coefficient making it deal 1-2 damage. Which makes no sense. No other weapon has a mobility skill that does 0 damage besides Infiltrator's Arrow. Like, some do low damage but low damage is still far greater than 0 damage.

Illusionary Riposte is a bit dated, being effectively just an Aegis rather than an actual block skill. The activated effect is slow and also deals 0 damage.

Phantasmal Swordsman sucks for PvP due to how slow the animation for casting it is, making it easy to dodge/blind/evade/aegis/block/whatever making it useless as well as the Swordsman having most of its damage on the Blurred Frenzy it casts which has the same problems that Sword 2 has, in that it's super easy to walk away from because it's still using self root mechanics that were dated by the turn of the century, let alone now in 2020...

So yeah...

Though, it's not like this is an isolated case, many core weapons are also equally outdated in design across all classes. It's one of the reasons E-Spec weapons are so popular, since for the most part they are actually designed with modern ideas of how action combat functions - With more mobility in mind and better damage distribution.

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Berserker's Amulet Sword Auto Attack: 2247 DPSBerserker's Amulet Auto Attack with Blurred Frenzy off cooldown: 1777 DPS

Wizard's Amulet Condition MirageAxe: 900Scepter with three clones: 850Staff with three clones: 1,500

Even against a stationary target Blurred Frenzy is a full on DPS loss in PvP.

For reference other classes look like this;

Core Ranger with Owl on Demolisher's AmuletGreatsword autoattack chain: 2,400 DPSGreatsword Maul off cooldown: 3,050 DPSAxe Autoattack: 2,000 DPS

Berserker Holo Grenade "Auto Attack": 2,500 DPSBerserker Holo Grenade Barrage into Grenade "Auto Attack": 4,800 DPS.Photon Forge Auto: 2,377 DPSPhoton Forge Corona Burst into Photon Blast off cooldown into autoattack: 5,413 DPS

Power Herald Auto: 2,506 DPSPower Herald Auto with impossible odds: 3,850 DPS

I really do think the main problem with PvP Mesmer is mesmer's damage really. The weapon skills are extremely behind what other classes are capable of in a big big way. It's meant to be supplemented by shatters, but the condition shatters are absurdly limp even when traited to the absolute maximum and with full stat investment, and the power shatter while having good damage still leaves you too one trick because the rest of your kit still isn't competitive for rounding out the damage needed if your damage whiffs even slightly.

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