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Returning player, used to play a mostly boonbeast ranger and now I've noticed it's generally been seen as nerfed into the ground. Metabattle seems to never be updated anymore, and I don't do raids so is snowcrows useless? I really enjoyed my variation of boonbeast because of it's flexibility for solo content and quick alteration for small group support in wvw roaming without changing to a completely different build. Are there other popular sites for gw2 builds people use now?


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Metabattle is what many use. They rarely change builds since it is supposed to provide meta builds. Guilds can have their own recommended versions of builds. And sometimes on community websites/discords you can find other builds too.

But I agree with Hang.4690, if you got a build that work for you, no need to change it. Best is often to use a metabuild as a template and then tweak it and the gear so it works for your play style.

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