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Looking for PvE Guild big on Build Discussion, but not all about Discord.


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I'm a semi-casual but somewhat regular player (largely PvE) in GMT+7. So I play on N.Am (Northern Shiverpeaks), but I'm often on a few to several hours before reset. I do a lot of solo, but love to share ideas pretty frequently or sometimes do a group event. I'm pretty happy to periodically help individuals with events or pieces of quests if I can. I have a character leveled in almost every profession, but have been playing less than a year and still often enjoy trying out new builds and discussing however this busy system actually works.

So specifically LF a guild with a lot of chat about builds, and lots of Open World PvE ones. I'm neither a ruthless min-max'er nor an "Anything goes, who cares it's open world" type. Humbug. I want stuff I can stay alive with but also really enjoy playing.

Final caveat: I don't like to spend much time on Discord. I really, seriously prefer lively text chat now and then. Constantly hearing references to everything being on Discord, frustrates me because I honestly dislike the interface skin and find the culture around much of it immersion-breaking. If your guild does more text chat than Discord, I'd be cozy.


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