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Looking for a guild with good vibes and fun events on NA


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Hello everyone! My name's Leah.I've played GW2 since 2014 as a casual player. I've recently started the long grind for a legendary weapon and I'm looking for a guild to help make this time go by.I've only played solo the whole time I've been on Guild Wars but have always enjoyed meta events and other events where a lot of players are at. The community seems to be a big part of what makes this game great and I've been missing out! I'm really looking forward to have group guild events. I feel like I haven't spoken to many players in this game and I would love to get to know some people.

My favorite things to do in game are map exploration, meta events in Silverwaste or Crystal Desert/Auric Basin, and World Bosses.

I'm looking for an adult guild who isn't afraid of curse words and like's to party!!! Drunken events on weekends? Count me in! Also, a guild that's will to help show me the ropes with fractals and raids!

Required: Discord

Thanks!! xx :)

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