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Condi Thief pve buffs I would like to see.


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First, I actually play condi Thief in pve and I play it everywhere: open world, strike missions (not doing best dmg in group but enough to don't get kicked), dungeons (jk, who does dungs in 2020, lul), and raids (IF I was doing them (too lazy to start).Because I want to and I'm stubborn little B****, that's why.

Moving on...

Buff to Hundred Needles was actually pretty decent, 2 extra seconds of bleed for every tick and there's 5 of them... I'll leave the math to you.

But here are buffs I think might help condi Thief even more without accidentally breaking him and making redditors type like they have 5 minutes left to live:Some are better ideas, some are worse...

-Small dmg buff to Dealy ambition

-Cd reduction of Panic strike by at least 5 seconds

-Make Havoc Specialist buff condi dmg aswell, not only psychical (like holy F, why it doesn't)

-Change torment (or bleed, wouldn't mind) dmg of Impaling Lotus to poison-Make Thousand Needles apply immobilize again after 3 seconds (for Panic Strike proc)

-Increase radius of Venom abilities so its easier to hit ur squadmates

-Reduce cd of Imparing Daggers to 20 seconds

-Make applying Superspeed do not increase the distance traveled using Death Blossom (like holy F, why it does)

-Or just make it do not move your char if you don't press W or something.

-Increase bleed stacks of Death Blossom but reduce the duration (with almost every boss having inv phase...)

-Add to some trait 20% reduced cd of Venom abilities

That's all I can think of ...for PvE I repeat (before angry pvp-ers attack). Obviously I don't think all of this should be added to the game, that might be too much.

Ps: I'm p sure that all Anet will take from this post is that Hundred Needles was overbuffed and revert the change. (^:

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Im maining thief for a long time now (2yrs i think) and i nvr known swiftness affects the distance traveled by death blossom lol.But anyways when a while ago they said they want to buff pve condi thief i was hoping for like 75% of what u said(all of it is too much and i think OP knows it too :P). In all this time i was always power staff or rifle bec condi just doesnt work easily on thief. Nearly all other class has some sort of accepted condi build ( hey engi mains.... sry ). It would be great if we got these buffs for D/D... i always wanted to play D/DBecause of its animations and its also very fun to play.Reducing some durations and adding some more stacks would be also very good cuz invulnerable boss phases lol

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I main Thief and really want a viable Daredevil condi build so I can make use of Impaling Lotus and some of the other fun traits associated with the class. But no matter how much min-maxing I do I can't make it even halfway effective as compared to power staff. It's so pathetic.

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