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Is there a time limit on picking up items you bought in the TP?

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I'm asking this because I've been stacking materials for festival of the four winds but im completely full. Would it be no problem if I keep my material buys in the TP for a month?

Sorry if this is pointed out in the wiki somewhere but I couldnt find anything definitive

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As far as I know there's no limit. If there is one then it takes many months to get there. At one point I forgot the password to my second account and it was about 6 months later I got it reset and still had money to collect. (I've also had stuff listed for sale for over 2 years without the lising being reset or lost.)

The thing which might give you a problem is you can't choose what you take from the TP. You have to collect all the gold and items you've bought at the same time, so you won't be able to get anything from the TP until the festival. But if you're ok with that you can safely leave everything until you're ready to collect it all.

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