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If a game is 4 v 5, kick one from the 5 from the game and let it run.

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If you're going to make this work it requires a lot of additional systems.

Let's say you have a time out box if there's a DC, that picks someone at random after 20s of registering a DC on the other team with an option for one of the players to volunteer.

You'd need to create systems that won't DC the boxed player if they go afk in the box for 60s because what else are they going to do when they can't play?

Then you need to create a system that releases them when the DC'd player comes back.

And you need to set up a system where the boxed player doesn't lose rating if his team goes on to lose the 4v4 because he had no input on that victory.

I don't oppose the idea in theory. One player having an unfun time is better overall than 4-9(depending on how much the overnumbered team gets off on steamrolling an undernumbered team) having a bad time on a purely utilitarian basis.

And I do think there should be a better system for handling 4v5s. But right now Arenanet can't even balance Holosmith and Herald to stop them from steamrolling the entire PvP game mode so I think any additional work load is too much for them

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