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Support ticket loop - help please

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I am unable to log a ticket for support. I have not add on's for my browser, am using Windows 10, have tried Google Chrome and Internet explorer. When I go to log a ticket I click "log in" and it just takes me back to the other screen for which i cannot then log in. If you go to 'add a ticket anonymously' that link is a dud, there is no link to click on.

I am stuffed as there is no way to log a ticket for support.

My issues is I had to reset my phone and didn't unauthorise the 2 step validator in google. Of course when I go to disable in my account it wants two codes which I cannot supply now because the authentication link is broken.

I am stuck at an impasse, I cannot disable the authenticator to login to play the game, I cannot log a ticket either logged in or anonymously.

Help please.

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The login problem on the support site can happen when your browser has higher security settings (referrer is required), your clock is wrong, or your account is out of sync (which can happen if support changes your email for example).

As for the anonymous link doing nothing (it should reveal the submission form hidden below it), ensure any script/ad-blockers aren't interfering with it, or use a different browser.

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