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Login and server connectivity problems.

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Error message: The game client is unable to gain access to the log-in server at this time. This is most commonly caused by firewall or router settings, security applications, or connecting through a campus network. For additional support, please visit http://support.guildwars2.com.OKBuild: 104933Error Code: 42:1000:7006:1232

What I did:I followed all of the FAQ's steps trying to fix the problem, but it still happens.The problem is intermittent. After many tries I can connect.While in-game, I face abrupt disconnections from the server, forcing me to restart the game.I did not open a support ticket yet........I'm hoping to find a solution before creating support tickets.

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me and another friend had DC too. both of us DC at the same time. we weren't even in the party, we were just hanging around WVW map and he is different colour server to me. we just DC once together, and after that I get multiple dc. 6 DC so far within 3 hours for me. after I get DC it will take a while to reconnect due to error msg.

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