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Guard - Honor Traitline: Empowering Might

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I wanted to see how much might that trait can keep up maximum. So ive simulated a 100% boonduration and 100% critchance (dont ask why, i was just messing around). With that boonduration you would be able to apply 16 seconds of might with a cooldown of 1 second, so technically as long as i keep autoattacking with a weapon that has a casting time of 1 sec or less, i should have permanently 16 stacks of might, correct? but in fact its been only ~12-13 stacks might.

so i dont know, am i overlooking something? or is the boonduration or the cooldown of that trait buggy?

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You're overlooking things.For once (some) skills have a short aftercast that is not listed in the tooltip.Further more if a skill has a cast time of less than 1 second, you won't be able proc the trait with every attack because like you said it has a 1 second cooldown.

Lets take the great-sword auto attack. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/StrikeAccording to the wiki the full chain takes about 2.5 second to complete, that means for all three attacks of the aa you can proc the trait only 2 times. And that means you can trigger the trait 2 times in that 2.5 seconds .Furthermore it shows the aftercast of the skills. The individual cast times are 1/2s + 1/2s + 1/2s which would add up to 1.5 seconds and not the aforementiond 2.5 second.The notes say the actual attack speed is about once every 0.83 seconds which would mean the guardian greatsword autoattack has an aftercast of 0.33 second after every attack.


attack number - total time - trait triggers or not1 - 0.83s - triggers2 - 1.66s - doesn't trigger3 - 2.5s - triggers (chain complete first time)4 - 3.33 - doesn't trigger (less than 1 sec since last proc)5 - 4.16s - triggers6 - 4.99s - doesn't trigger (chain complete second time)7 - 5.72s - triggers8 - 6.55s - doesn't trigger

...as you can see over the time of 5.72 seconds you can only trigger the trait 4 times, over the time of 6.55 second you can only trigger the trait 4 times as well

Or in short in case of the Gs it can only proc every second attack as all skills in the chain have the same cast time + aftercastFor other weapons with different cast and aftercast times within in their aa chain this of course would look different.

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