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The Synergetic Gyrocycle Roller

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I just wanted to say a big thank you for that skin, I was bothered by the fact the mount were a beetle, but now it is a real bike; I'm very happy. Like the rest of my mounts I dyied it with my favorite dyes pattern. I wasn't expected to see a holographic trail, the sound effects are also quite pleasant. So, better than a long explanation:

I just bought it. And with RL money, it doesn't happens a lot for me, but really thanks from the heart. I hope players not liking the skin will still find one suiting them in the future.Thanks to the designers/artists.

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Great mount skin, well done. I'll never pay 2k gems for a mount skin, but THIS one... at 1.6k... could not resist.

Still want the rest of my exo-suit mount set btw. Heads up, I'm patient and will wait for the 740 gem mount select to go on sale to get em. But if you make em, I'll buy em.

Side note, why didn't it show up under promotions? It was just sitting under the plain old style tab. Usually new stuff appears under promotions? Same deal spell forged stuff.

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This riding skin is not worth 1.6k. I wouldn't have the courage to pay that amount. There are other skins of beetles that are much cooler than this one, I got the skin cold and I think it is much more charming than this new one that arrived. It's just my opinion.

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