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My matchmaking this season


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Dear ArenaNet,

could you please check my account and games?

My story is this:I have been playing GW2 since beta. Played almost every season. My placements are around 50/50 and the matchmaker would put me somewhere in Gold.Most of the time I end the season in Gold2. And that is ok, because my skills well they are average maybe a bit better.Sometimes I was lucky and got into plat1 for a few games but ended up in Gold3. So all in all I was quite ok with the matchmaker.

This season, I lost 1 and won 9 placement matches and the matchmaker put me in high plat1 (if I remember right 1590). That was strange because I never played in that rating before.After another 6 or 7 games it was 50/50 again and I was quite suprised to stay in that rating.

Well, now after 10 placments and 50 ranked games my rating is 1255 (Gold1).Games played 60 = Won-21; Lost-39

So why did the matchmaker think it was a good idea to put me in high plat1?It was not even fun for me and I guess for my teammates as well...

@arenanet(is this the right way to tag arenanet?)

Thank you very much for some information regarding my games

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You probably played at a favorable time. Some times of the day are easier, some are fairer. The population of players is low so you tend to run into the same players over and over again. When you went through placement you probably were playing a time favorable to your actual skill level, and that may have been true thereafter. When you tanked you probably played at a time either with much better players coming through or where matchmaking was super wonky because of few active players on.

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From what I can see you performed well above expectations (5w/5l) during placements, so the matchmaker correctly placed you high to see if you would manage to stay there and keep your winratio.

The question therefore is why did you do so good in placements? There are many reasonable answers, like:

  • You started late in the season, most gold 3/plat players had done theirs so you got games below your rating
  • The 1 loss came late meaning it had minimal impact on your final rating
  • You got lucky with most of the matchmaking because time of day, population, afk-ers or duos
  • You performed better than normal :)

Regardless letting your teams down from your placement rating is not something you should feel bad about. You see if they belong in a higher rating than you they will lose less rating per loss, and if they belong at your level they are just as much at fault for losing the game since they lose same amount of rating as you. This means those that deserved to stay higher didn't fall as far as you, and will have less of an issue getting back up there.

The matchmaker simply tested you this season to see if you were ready to play at a higher elo, which is a good thing once in a while ;)

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