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Promotion - Itemshop page

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I've noticed that too. Last week when all those bundles were being offered it was very inconsistent, sometimes it would show me all of them and other times it only showed 3-4 items. (I know they were gradually removed, but it kept switching between both, sometimes showing me 3 items then I'd close and re-open it and see 6 or more, then only 4 next time.) This week it's only showing me 3 items (the Mistlock pass and two armour skins, I think the Maguuma ones) and the new roller beetle skin doesn't show on that tab, although I can see it on the home page and the style page.

It's annoying because I like to check the gem store regularly in case there's stuff I want, but I don't want to have to search through all the different tabs just in case there's a new or returning item so being able to see all the recent changes together was really helpful. If I have to take the time to check all the sections I'm highly likely to miss things I'd otherwise buy.

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